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Tool Kits
The offered Tool kits are extremely simple to carry around and assist in the organized storage of tools at the single spot. Offered are safe for use and can be carried with ease due to their high portability. Offered are safe for use as well as efficient in use.
Thread Tool
Thread tools we deal in are used to make the thread on a part. These are utilized to cut external as well as internal threads. Offered are accessible with high surface finish. These enable the correction of tool diameter as well as length. 
Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts
The Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts are commonly utilized in plastic casings as well as housing. These allow the screws to be utilized in the assembly of different consumer electronics as well as consumer products.
Heli Coil Screw
The Heli Coil Screws are suited for thread reinforcement as well as repair. They are offered with high-strength as well as wear- and heat-resistant materials. Offered are accessible with robust make. 
Thread Inserts
Our company offers premium grade Thread Inserts that are available in many different diameters that can be customized as per the customer demands and application areas where they are going to be installed. 
Heli Lock Nut
The Heli Lock Nuts we deal in are the specialized self-locking nuts, suited for critical as well as high temperature applications. These do not loosen during the vibration, impact and jerk. 

Helicoil Free Running Insert
Helicoil Free Running Inserts we deal in are used to make load-bearing. The said inserts are provided with low shear strength. As the name suggest, these are available in the Free Running and Screwlock versions.
Helicoil Repairing Tool Set
The Helicoil Repairing Tool Sets are used for making stronger internal threads in different composites, polymers, metals, and other materials. They are suited for repairing damaged or stripped internal threads.
Helicoil Coil Inserts
The Helicoil Coil Inserts we deal in are primarily suited to correct the Heli-Coil insert assemblies. They can do away with the tapping errors and are popularized as the essential parts of Stanley Engineering's. Offered high performance fasteners have longevity.
Heli Thread Repair Set
The Heli Thread Repair Sets are made to prevent the damaged caused by wear, over-torque and corrosion. These are accessible in several sizes and are tightened against the blind holes. 
Free Running Insert
The Free Running Inserts allow for more surface contact between the coil as well as the parent materials. These are the stronger as well as highly reliable inserts, which assist in evenly distribution of the load. They ensure boosted fastener strength as well as longevity. 
Screw Lock Inserts
The Screw Lock Inserts we deal in are made to offers internal screw threads. They are suited with standard-sized fasteners. Offered are the high performance fasteners of extensive durability.
Helicoil Thread Repairing Kit
Heli Insert Fasteners is a West Bengal, India-based manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of highly tensile and robust Helicoil Thread Repairing Kit which includes various mechanical tools of various shapes and sizes. 
Locking Nut
Locking nuts we deal in have been designed to ensure protection in the vibration-related loosening. These lock nuts are used in applications where the joined objects make vibrations.